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Site acquisition:

Site acquisition, zoning and permitting are the most important aspect of network build outs.  Egyptian pt Site Acquisition Group provides results driven site acquisition program that meets rapid deployment requirements for the deployment of new networks or expansion and upgrade of existing systems
We undertake site acquisition works, which consists of following activities:

    1. Identification of sites candidate along with customer RF team
    2. Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements
    3. Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site
    4. Preparation of the preference list of options with report for acquisition
    5. Commercial negotiations& finalizations with the owner.
    6. Lease Agreement with the owner according to the  customer guidelines for the selected candidate site
    7. Following up on permit application with the authorities to secure approval.
    8. Commercial electricity access
    9. Preparing all designs and drawings as may be required to secure permit approval, such as:
    10. Preparation of site-specific drawings (Site layout plan & Site layout report
    11. Certification for stability by certified structural engineer for the selected candidates.
    12. Detailed layout plan showing position of tower, shelter, DG and earthing pits location...                 
    13. Design of tower , shelter , DG foundations taking into  account the site layout and space availability

- we make all necessary action to find the best location in provided coordinate point using in that operation the latest technologies methods, tools and human resource.

- We take this responsibility action through highly motive top lawyers that can proceed legaly with the necessary actions to clear all the obstacles may be faced with government and complied with health and saftey instructions

A. Health and Safety
There is growing concern over the risks to human health it is therefore absolutely crucial that residents are fully informed so that they can make an objective decision based upon fact and not upon speculation. A well informed acquisition consultant is best placed to allay fears and worries concerning the health effects of radio wave propagation based upon unsubstantiated media reports.

In addition, the company provides insurance cover for all vehicles and property owned by the company, and caters to workmen’s compensation.

All debris from construction sites is disposed off in a proper manner so as not to damage the environment or site location in any way.

B. Line of Sight (LOS)
In today's world most wireless signals take an indirect route between antennas, usually bouncing off buildings or other obstacles in the path

• We provide sites that have a lot of link choices to be connected with the other sites, using special tools and the Path loss program.
• Photos including but not limited to photos for site construction condition, photos indicating of proposed infrastructure, photos for road access; photos for each 30 degree, photos for obstruction for radio coverage and MW line of sight, photos for each sector of radio coverage.
• Drawings including but not limited to: Site map, site layout (according to structure needed, top view and side view)

C. On-site Survey and Design
• Technical site survey to check the requirements for construction (including but not limited to geotechnical investigation, soil test, existing building structure or existing tower analysis) as per specification of the project.
• Technical site survey of BTS (including but not limited to Site layout, Height, Survey on antenna plan , Equipment room, antenna height, azimuth, and down tilt, method for installing antenna and record a general method for antenna cabling and feeder length etc.).
• Technical site survey of microwave link (including but not limited to Site layout, Height, Path profile on map, Obstruction data, LOS etc.)
• Detailed Civil Work Design (including but not limited to Site acquisition report, site design and sketch, lightning protection design, Indoor room design, etc.)
• Approval of survey and design report

D. Structural Analysis (STA)
• We cooperate with the top professional consultants to provide our client with safely and honestly report about building Load capability and also we provide to our client different proposals about site strutural.

E. Civil Design Drawings (CAD)
• We plot all cad drawings in acurate layoutdimensions by proffesional engineers. XXX